Jackie Dominguez, Medical Technician

I’ve worked with Jill and I remember the patients absolutely loving her!! She takes her time with the patients and is a very knowledgeable NP!! Def recommend Jill!

Connie Lester Carney, Granddaughter of patient

Jill is a knowledgeable and caring nurse practitioner. She provided excellent care for my grandparents in their last years of life. She always takes her time with patients and listens to their concerns. I highly recommend her.

Charlotte Ross Herring, daughter of patient

Jill is a knowledgeable and truly caring medical professional. My mother was a resident at an assisted living facility in Burke VA. Jill became my mom’s PCM while at a rehabilitation center and when mom moved into assisted living, I specifically did a by-name request for Jill. Jill lovingly and patiently took care of my mom through pneumonia recovery, terrible and debilitating cellulitis, advancing Alzheimer’s and COPD. Jill was always available to answer my questions and assuage my fears (and my mom’s). She treated my mom like an adult not an incompetent idiot (even though her memory was failing) and I know my mom appreciated it. When I lost my mom, Jill came to the facility very quickly upon notification by hospice and her calm sympathetic demeanor helped me through a terrible time. I can not recommend Jill enough. If you or a loved one need medical care, call Jill.

Debbie Morroni, patient

I know Jill from a previous practice, and I’m so excited that she is opening her own practice. She is really all about listening to the patient and not rushing you out the door. I would recommend her to everyone I know. I’m hopeful to move over to Forbes Wellness in the future.

Trisha Pullman, Nurse Practitioner

Jill is knowledgeable, caring, kind and a great medical provider. She will go to great lengths to help out friends, colleagues and patients.

Meg Fregoso, Nurse Practitioner

Jill is an excellent Nurse Practitioner who is great with patients! Highly recommend her as a provider and respect her as a colleague.

Anna Baratta, Registered Nurse

Jill is a wonderful Practitioner! she is Knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her for all your healthcare needs.

Taneka Blue, Occupational Therapist

Jill is a stellar practitioner! She consistently exercises compassion and integrity in every interaction with her colleagues and clientele. She always made my needs as a practitioner a priority and worked diligently to provide solutions for my patients and I.

Carrie-Sutter-Dalrymple, DNP, Associate Professor of Nursing at George Mason University, daughter of patient

Awesome Nurse Practitioner!

Mariya Bourget, MD

Jill Forbes is a Great Practitioner!

Jennifer Aguilera, patient's wife

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Jill. She is professional, compassionate, and thorough in both her evaluation and explanation. She was very quick to respond to us when we needed urgent attention, and came to our home first thing in the morning. I am so thankful that Jill was recommended to us from several folks in our community, we will be reaching out to Jill for other needs in the future as well.